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gilgal0In the year 2000 CHURCH IN BANGALORE was a small group at one time started at the president’s house, Our VISION & MISSION is Mathew 28:18 to 20 : EVANGELISM among Gentiles to make as an DISCIPLES   and practise with BAPTISM  and Teach them to become a LEADERSHIP mind to plant NEW CHURCHES. But as the saints increased in number it became difficult to accommodate them all. So aptly a structure was erected at the roof of the pastor’s residence. More than 200 members can be seated in this place. Since there is a rapid growth in saints, we believe soon there would not be sufficient place for all to sit.

Our saints are from different language groups, communities and social background. This congregation is a result of constant outreach and the pastoral care that this church provides even to the target groups.

Presently there are more than 50 pastors and committed youths who are dedicated to stand with Church In Bangalore to touch the underprivileged. As a result youth took an initiative to start a telephonic ministry to pray for the thirsty souls.





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