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In the year 2005, Rachel who is wife of Pr. Emmanuel S Elangoven,she became sick and had a Kidney failure which led her to undergo dialysis weekly thrice. During this days Mr. Das, BBI’s student shared his burden to our founder for his tribal community rehabilitation in Tamil Nadu. Pr. Emmanuel S Elangoven accompanied him to help him in his work. When he shared his thoughts and experiences with his wife Rachel about the tribal community, she encouraged him to uphold the tribal throughout his life. In the year 2008 Rachel rested in peace with the Lord. As the divine calling our founder started to commit his life to serve the GYPSY tribal community especially HAKKI PIKKI and  NARIKURAVAR under the banner of  OBT INDIA.

 “ORAL BIBLE TRANSLATION INSTITUTE” we planned to start for GYPSY TRIBAL people. NARIKURAVAR Tribal People are very  interested to study and learn more. The first batch will may start from 2016 onwards.  Our first Oral Book we planed is in Tamil language the famous and great Book called  THIRUKURAL wrote by THIRUVALLUR . We are expecting all of your supports to Produce ORAL BOOKS in the spoken language called VAGRIVATHA under the OBTI is the unit of GILGAL TRUST.

Bishop's Wife Rachel(Late)
Late Rachel

We organized to teach and preach the Good News to the TRIBES in INDIA and all over the world for better spirituality and sow the seeds of Godly life. While preaching the Good News to the various parts of TRIBAL villages in India, we found that the tribal people are basically illiterate with no basic amenities, hence needs to interpret the Word of God for themselves. We understood that they are to be assisted and tutored with good education and training in various skills for a better livelihood. Moreover there are no New Testament scriptures and books printed in their own language. Our vision is to propel the entire contents of the New Testament in there spoken language and that can change the life of Tribal.

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Under the banner of OBT we have enlarged our vision as  ORAL BIBLE TRANSLATION & TRAINING INSTITUTE OBT PLANTS CHURCHES AMONG TRIBAL & GYPSY PEOPLE. We train, translate and record audio bible called as SOLAR ORAL WALKING BIBLE in short SOW BIBLE.

Once in a month we have a monthly meet with TRIBAL VILLAGES to MAKE DISCIPLES of JESUS CHRIST and they have shown a great tremendous knowing God and studying the word of God which led to begin HOUSE GROUPS and PRAYER CELLS now. These House groups has became CHURCH PLANTING structures the fruit of what has been done.

EDUCATING THE UNDERPRIVILEGED - Tribal children do not go to school due to the financial difficulties and because of the culture, traditional way of life. We support them to get the necessary education from the nearby school by paying the school fees and providing books, uniforms, pencils, shoes, and bag. In the evenings the children are allowed to attend the meditation, devotion, activity and teaching classes where the children are taught moral values based on the Word of God.

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