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Gilgal Trust works  in South India under the banner of OBT Mission. In the year 2005, our journey of this vision began we connected with them by extending SOCIAL HELP to attend their daily needs with the help of my friends circle by providing clothing for men and women; home appliances and provisional needs for food.

Gypsy Tribal Community in South India more than 5 to 7 Lakhs are living now of different tongues have been focused by us. They are  from HAKKI PIKKI, LAMBADI, KURUMBAS, NARIKURAVAR, and other GYPSY community People.  Here the languages has not been penned which is a primary requirement.Our vision is to equip through Social Helps and spread the gospel  bring them to SALVATION. Only way to equip and reach them for God was by oral bible.

OBT Mission field work started in Karnataka, Andhra and TamilNadu. Especially in Karnataka we found most of GYPSY COMMUNITY PEOPLE are living and they are ready to study and accept to equip themselves with Society. We decided to focus more to Karnataka.


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